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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

LATIS Loaner Laptop Pool Checkout Still Available During Move

While the LATIS (formerly CLA-OIT) video and audio equipment check is closed until June 29 due to a move within Rarig, the loaner laptop pool is still available to all eligible CLA faculty, staff, and graduate students. Should you need a laptop during the move, please call 612-626-5881 and leave a message stating your name, preference of PC or Mac, and date and time of pickup or drop-off. A LATIS team member will return your call. The new pickup location for loaner laptops and video equipment will open on June 29 in Rarig.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Mobile Studio Brings Lectures Anywhere There is Wi-Fi

While the technology to record and upload a lecture has been available for years at UMN, room and equipment limitations hindered its growth. Hauling and setting up equipment was a time consuming process and limited the number of courses that could be captured. To better meet the needs of students and how they learn, LATIS worked with the Psychology department to manufacture a custom mobile media unit that allows faculty and staff to move the self-contained assembly to any classroom. The mobile studio includes an HD camera, wireless microphone, and audio mixer. A staff member captures the lecture and any digital presentations during class and then immediately uploads it for viewing.
Any registered student in the class can access the lecture online. The resource proved especially helpful for international students for whom English is a second language as it allows them to pause and re watch any section of the lecture again. During bad weather, students can also remain at home and not worry about missing content. In addition, high school students participating in Minnesota’s Postsecondary Enrollment Options program but who have difficulty getting to campus from their high school can enroll and get the majority of their instruction online and physically attend class only for exams. Faculty can also use the videos to adjust their teaching style as they can monitor what topics students skip, watch multiple times, or when they close the application. No surprise, there are significant upticks in lecture views prior to mid-terms and finals.