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Thursday, December 1, 2016

Get To Know LATIS’s Chris Scherr

Name: Chris Scherr

Where did you go to college? University of Minnesota

When did you start working at UMN? 1998 as a student worker for CLA-Net.

What is your current job title? System Engineer working on the Windows Server Administration

What brought you to your current job?  Gradual change in job duties as opportunities presented themselves over the years.  I started as a part-time student worker, getting started in a web support role over time that moved towards hardware and desktop support.  A bit later I was hired on full-time as a computer technician and later asked to take on a desktop management and file management role.  I most recently moved into system administration.  

What is your favorite aspect of your job? A few:  Being challenged with a wide variety issues and problems with the flexibility to work and solve an issue in my own way.  I also enjoy seeing small glimpses of the many types of research going on in the college.  While I am not directly involved in the collection of data or analysis, hearing about the kind of research going on in the college is always draws interest and some excitement.  
What is your favorite place on campus?  The river because it always brings back fond memories.  From climbing the steep embankment as a kid to playing sports on the flats as a student.  While I did not grow up here, our family visited two to three times a year for my brother’s medical appointments, usually staying at the Days Inn on University.  When I came here as a student, I was very familiar with the superblock area.  

What was your worst or most unusual job? I tried selling Kirby Vacuum Cleaners one summer as a teen, and quickly discovered a salesman’s life was not in my future.  Looking back it is rather funny as I still recall trying to memorize the selling points and practicing my spiel.  I’m sure some the handful of the people who I presented demos to were probably entertained as well.  Watching a kid stumble over his words as I unwittingly cleaned their house.

People may be surprised to know:  That where I work, Blegen 24/25,  can facilitate drop ins/visitors. Stop by sometime.